360 Waves for Beginners: Tie Your Durag

There are various ways to tie your durag. This is a critical step in maintaining your waves and promoting healthy, growing hair. Check out the tips and video below for the details.


2-6 King Wavy Durag

Method 1: No Knot Method

  • Place the durag on your head. Make sure the “shark fin” is at the center of your head
  • Pull both straps to the back of your head.
  • Cross one strap over the other, holding it in your mouth, while crossing the other strap to the other side.
  • Make sure they are flat against the head
  • Pull the strap all the way around the head until it is back at the front of your head, and tuck ut under the shark fin part.
  • Now, take the strap from your mouth and pull it around the head. Tuck it underneath your durag as tightly as possible to ensure there is no movement

The other methods can be found in the video below

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360 Waves for Beginners: The Crown Isolation Method

Crown isolation is important for adding definition to the crown of your hair. Using the techniques below, you will create a well-managed hair pattern that will isolate your crown from the defined waves in your hair pattern. Let’s get started!

How to begin

  • Add a little moisturizer to the crown area of your head
  • Take the point of your brush and brush in the product in short brushing techniques, from the crown of your head.
  • Brush in sections for about 2 mins per section of your crown
  • Always use the same technique for a consistent pattern
  • Add oil to the crown area of your head
  • Use your soft brush to repeat the brushing techniques to the crown area, to work the oil into your hair pattern
  • Repeat this process for each section for about 2-3 mins or until your satisfied with the results

Watch this video for the visual steps of the Crown Isolation Method

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How to Get 360 Waves: Beginners Edition

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